RANCHO MIRAGE — The city has won its request for a temporary restraining order to force a medical marijuana dispensary to shut down.Rancho Mirage Safe Access Wellness Center must shut its doors because it didn’t acquire permits the city requires of all businesses, according to a minute order released Monday by Judge John G. Evans of Riverside County Superior Court.
The city has also banned marijuana dispensaries, but that ordinance was ruled invalid by another judge, a decision now under appeal.
“Whether or not the city’s ban on medical marijuana is void or unenforceable, the dispensary must still obtain a certificate of occupancy and a business license,” Evans wrote.
Evans heard oral arguments in the case Friday. The order is in effect until Aug. 27, the date of the next hearing in the case.
The dispensary, which opened in June at 72-067 Highway 111, must be shut down as soon as its attorney is served with the temporary restraining order, City Attorney Steve Quintanilla said.
The city’s permitting process “is all about ensuring that a building is safe for occupation by guests, customers, employees or patients,” he said.
Rancho Mirage Safe Access attorney Joseph Rhea said he had not seen the ruling as of late this morning.
On Friday, Riverside County lost its request for a preliminary injunction from another judge to close 12 dispensaries in unincorporated areas, with the judge ruling the county’s ban on dispensaries invalid under the state constitution.

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