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    I have seen a lot of people over the years asking what is best to use to cover the inside of their grow space.

    Mylar reflects 99% of the light, but I've read of people saying its hard to keep clean and only good for one grow, there is also the issue of it tearing when covering your grow space.

    Aluminum/Tin Foil, while its quite good at reflecting light (shiny side 88%, dull side 80%.
    The problem with foil is you cant get it smoothed out to prevent it causing heat spots and possibly burning your plants, there is also the issue of tearing.

    Flat/Matt white paint is what I have used before, it reflects the light just as good as foil (some say its better), there are no issues of heat spots or tearing, it is also cheaper than mylar or foil especially if you have a large space.

    There are other products out there which people use, I have just posted about the 3 most commonly talked about, if you have any info on them please feel free to add it to this thread.


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    Panda paper black on one side white on other, easy clean up,
    Tough with excellent reflective property's. Plus its cheap.
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